Summer at Villa Aich in St. Pauls/Eppan

Welcome to our enchanting villa in the heart of the wine village of St. Pauls!  Summer has the region firmly in its grip, and our villa shines in all its glory during this season.

Experience the warm rays of the sun on our spacious terrace and pool while enjoying the view of the surrounding mountains. Summer in St. Pauls is a time for relaxation and enjoyment, and our villa provides the perfect setting for unforgettable vacation experiences.

Our villa is your personal retreat to experience the tranquility and beauty of the surrounding area. Every detail has been carefully selected to make your stay unforgettable.

Discover the rich culture and tradition of the region by visiting the picturesque wine cellars and tasting the excellent wines of our area. Take hikes or bike rides through the breathtaking scenery, or spend relaxing days at the nearby lake.

Whether you're looking for adventure and activities or just want to enjoy the tranquility and beauty of the surroundings, our villa in St. Pauls has everything you could want for a perfect summer vacation.

Reserve your stay today and let the splendor of summer enchant you at our villa. We look forward to welcoming you and offering you unforgettable experiences.

Summer week                      6.000,- €          request here


Summer Activities and experiences in St. Pauls/Eppan:

St.Pauls/Eppan, the jewel of South Tyrol, shines in its full splendor in summer and offers a wealth of opportunities to enjoy the breathtaking surroundings. Here are some of the activities and experiences that await you in St.Pauls/Eppan during the summer:

  1. Bathing fun at the lake: Lake Kaltern, the warmest bathing lake in the Alps, invites you to swim, sunbathe and do water sports in summer. Spend a day on the lakeshore and enjoy the clear water and the picturesque surroundings.
  2. Cycling and mountain biking: St.Pauls/Eppan offers a well-developed network of bike paths and mountain bike trails. Rent a bike and explore the region on two wheels. There are also many bike rentals for all ages.
  3. Hiking and mountaineering: The surrounding mountains and alpine pastures are a true paradise for hikers and mountaineers in summer. From easy walks to challenging summit tours, there are routes for every taste and level of difficulty.
  4. Wine tastings: Visit local wineries and taste the region's fine wines. In the summer there are also many wine festivals and events where you can experience the wine culture of South Tyrol first hand.
  5. Climbing and adventure sports: the nearby climbing parks and adventure parks offer exciting activities for adventure seekers. Test your limits with climbing, zip-lining and more.
  6. Cultural Exploration: Discover the rich history and culture of St.Pauls/Eppan by visiting historic sites like the Moos-Schulthaus Castle. Summer concerts and events also offer a cultural experience.
  7. Culinary delights: Try the seasonal dishes and delicacies in the local restaurants. Enjoy the variety of South Tyrolean cuisine and do not miss the opportunity to taste fresh local products.
  8. Golf: In Eppan there is a golf course that attracts golf lovers. Play a round of golf amidst the impressive mountain scenery.
  9. Picnicking and enjoying nature: take time for a picnic in the green parks or forests of the region and let yourself be enchanted by the untouched nature.

St.Pauls/Eppan in summer offers a wealth of opportunities for outdoor activities, cultural explorations and culinary adventures. Whether you want to enjoy nature, be active in sports or simply relax, this region has something to offer for everyone.

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